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Bearosol® Holster

Bearosol® Holster


The worlds best Bear Spray Holster.


Multifunctional & Adaptable Bear Spray Holster, easily carry in your hand with included strap, install on your bike handelbars, or use the custom clip to attach to backpack webbing, or wearers belt or waistband. Additional installation options can be easily configured. 


    * The  Bearosol® Holster accomdates common 8 oz. (2" x 6-¼") cannisters. 

    - 9.2 oz. (2" x 7" ) cannisters can be used. 

    - 10.2 oz. (2-5/16" x 6-⅜") LARGE cannisters WILL NOT FIT in this Holster model. 




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