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The process behind the product

Since FOREVER, ..well, since we’ve been out doing things, sometimes thinking about it, or experiencing frustrating failures along the way, we’ve been working to resolve some of these problems with products that make life better. That’s the hope and intent, anyway. Format Design-Engineering starts everything in small batches from our home base in Montana, USA. To achieve optimal flavor, our products age from three weeks to eternity, making every product worth your patience and investment. With thoughtful Design and Prototyping (its been said that it takes at least 7 iterations to resolve a product’s design and construction), high-quality Materials, appropriate Construction and Assembly methods, Broad-Range Field Testing, we’re confident in offering high-performance products that blow away the expectations of the application. Somebody said “Form follows Function”. We like that. It’s gotta work well. Somebody else followed up and said, “Beauty is not optional”. We like this too. Things that work well are better when they look good. We hope our things represent both of these notions well. 



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